Responsive web design

Web responsive design – the future and the must have.

The web responsive design is a quite new approach in website developement. Despite its young age it is starting to become a standard. The main reason for this is the a very large number of mobile devices that Internet users use to surf the web.



The main assumption of the web responsive design technology is to allow liquid and easy adaptation to enormous number of different mobile devices equiped in various screens, resolutions and browsers. This automatic process is possible thanks to CSS3 Media Queries that allows changing the displayed content and page layout on the basis of previously set breaking points. At the same time, the site engine considers the orientation of the users screen (vertical or horizontal), helping to maintain ergonomic navigation.

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Every company should be aware of the new situation and start planing on how to help their future customers explore its offer, and extend mobile experience for them. Especially, that the research results show, that until the end of 2013 – more users will use smartphones and tablets for web surfing than the ordinary desktop device such as PCs, iMacs etc.
Other important advantages of web responsive design aprouch are:

  • one domain for all versions of our site which is easier for brand and marketing purposes
  • one content managment system (CMS)
  • one website engine to maintain for developers (lower cost of maintainence)

Responsive design is also favoured by google search engine, and it is proven that the algorithm considers these sites as better quality which resolves in higher positions for organic search results pages (see:

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